Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ground Rules For Comments

My blog, my rules.  If you don't want to follow them, make your own blog--that's the beauty of the internet.

1.  No hate speech directed at an individual or a group will be tolerated.  There may be stories about hate speech, there may be direct quotes or paraphrasing of hate speech in the role of supporting an argument, but any post using hate speech itself as a weapon to attack will be summarily removed, no matter what other merits it may have.

2.  Profanity will be kept to a minimum by use of abbreviations or comicification.  So, "WTF" or "F-ing" or "F***", or even "F*ck", are all acceptable alternatives; actually using the acronym for "Fornication Under Consent of the King" is not.

3.  Personal attacks are the weapon of the witless.  Attack someone's evidence, rationale, or conclusions at will, but do not attack the speaker for who he or she is.

4.  No advertising.  Links to related stories/blogs or blog posts are fine; links to your home business in the body of the comment are not.  Any links to inappropriate sites (pornography, organizations with an agenda of hatred, etc.) will be expunged.

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