Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Reason For This Madness

All things begin with reason, else they are just madness.  Not that reason alone is sufficient to avoid madness, but it is a necessary condition.

The reason for this blog is that I wanted an avenue to express what I wanted to say, politically and philosophically, as well as to have other musings and miscellany thrown out there.  The reason for the nom de plume is two-fold: most people reading this will neither know nor care who I am, so my name is nothing to them.  For the people who might know or care, such as present or future employers, what I will have on this blog should not reflect on their opinon of me as an employee one way or the other, so why risk confusion on their part by putting my name to something that can be searched but should not have any bearing on their opinion?

This will be, before all things, a conservative blog--I am told by many friends that I am actually more moderate than conservative, but I think that many people suffer under the belief that a true conservative is of the David Duke/Jerry Falwell mold, as opposed to the Ronald Reagan/Abraham Lincoln persuasion.  I hope to have engaged readers, who will comment, and question, and even challenge and correct when appropriate.  Most of all, I hope to have fun with this, and hope my readers will enjoy it too.