Friday, July 29, 2011

Debt Ceiling Debate

Balanced, bipartisan, fair, smart...these are some of the words President Obama used in his press conference today.  Certainly, the president has not shown through his actions that he is interested in any of these things--he gives high-minded speeches, but they are only empty words until backed by action.  Historically, countries in this sort of economic stall return to growth only with significant cuts in spending, not by increasing taxes.  While the House (Republicans) has advanced numerous plans that have actually been voted on and passed, the Senate (Democrats) has been running in circles for the past few weeks trying to create a single plan, and the president hasn't put a single bloody idea to paper.  Now, there can be debate over which of the House plans is the best option at this time, but the Senate and Oval Office combined have given not a single plan.  If Obama wants a deal so badly, simply send the marching orders to the Democrats that they should pass Cut, Cap and Balance in the Senate.

As to Obama's biggest complaint with the current plans, namely that we will have the same crisis again in a few months and we must have a solution through 2013--this is even more b.s. than usual political gamesmanship.  The only way we go through the same crisis again in a few months--is if he sits on his a** for those few months and doesn't use that time to come up with a long-term solution!  I could continue on a screed against Obama and his failures, but frankly I'm worn out by the whole debt debate debacle at this time.

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